International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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Jean-Marc de Boni
Type of Organisation: 

Nef is a solidarity-based finance cooperative. Nef uses money as a solidarity tool to link up savers and borrowers and, to establish transparent relationship between the different stakeholders. This can help growing an economy respectful of the human being and its future. Nef has been developing its activities for 15 years and has been approved by the French Central Bank.
Today, Nef gathers around 15 000 co-operators and savers who want to use their money in an ethical and altruistic way, and borrowers with innovative initiatives that are respectful of human being and the environment.


Within the framework of its banking approval, the NEF has a double activity of savings and credit :
NEF offers to its members the possibility to invest in different savings products: shares, term deposit accounts on which the money is blocked for a period between 25 months and 10 years, and bank accounts managed in partnership with Crédit Coopératif. All Nef products have been awarded by Finansol (collective regrouping organisations of the solidarity finance sector in France).
Nef grants professional and associative loans in various sectors:
• Ecology and Environment: organic and biodynamic agriculture, transformation and selling of organic and natural products, protection of the environment, renewable energy, eco building etc.
• Social and solidarity-based development: social housing, local development and rural tourism, craft, international solidarity and fair trade, health etc.
• Training and culture: innovative educational and training methods, artistic activities, individual development, publishing etc.
Nef also grants loans to the private citizens having projects of eco-construction (Nef Immo), eco-renovation or ecological investments (Nef Eco).
In order to be as transparent as possible, NEF publishes each year the list of the loans they have granted, with a presentation of each project as well as the contact details of the borrowers.
Nef Charter is the reference document that sets up the values and principles of action of the NEF shared by all shareholders: ethics, transparency, solidarity, respect of the human being and independence of mind.