International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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Organisation profile

Maria Elena Querejazu, CEO
Type of Organisation: 

Full name of Organisation: “Fundacion


Legal status :
Non Profit Private Organization


Date of creation:
December 2009

Address: Av. 14
de Septiembre, No 5080, Obrajes, La Paz, Bolivia


City: La Paz

Country: Bolivia


Telephone number:

SEMBRAR is committed to support agriculture and
rural development focused on the small holder farmer. The institution
delivers technical assistance services to transfer best practices and
information within a comprehensive model where this assistance is
complemented with credit provided by a subsidiary and independent
(MFI) organization. SEMBRAR has created a coherent model (Asistencia
Tecnica y Financiera: ATF) of operation with three important pillars:
Technical Assistance, Support for Market Access and Financing.
SEMBRAR is responsible for the
delivery of the first two.


The ATF Model works on a platform of two
institutions and decades of experience in the field of microfinance
and rural development.
One institution specializes in the transfer of knowledge and builds
productive capacities, and the other provides competitive and
customized financial products to small agriculture units. The
philosophy of both initiatives is to create social impact and their
mission is to deliver answers to rural poverty and food insecurity
concentrated in small-holder farmers.