International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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FairFin - E-zine: Maak van je geld een superheld!

Charities get a steer on the road to growth - Charity Bank offers free seminars to help social sector organisations get ready to grow

[Boletín Economía Solidaria] ULTIMAS NOTICIAS - 100

Newsletter de la Nef n°15 - mai 2014 - Dépêche 233

SENS - Newsletter N°1

Community hydro scheme is Charity Bank’s first borrower post Big Society Capital investment

Whalley Community Hydro – a community renewable energy scheme in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley – is the first organisation to be awarded a loan by Charity Bank following Big Society Capital’s investment in the Bank last month. 

Ecology Building Society 2013 results: record-breaking sustainable success

Former vice President from Bank of Sweden takes place in Ekobanken's Board of Representatives

Ekobanken during 2013