International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
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[Boletín Economía Solidaria] ULTIMAS NOTICIAS - 98

Boletín de Noticias del ForoLACFR - 2014 N° 01

Boletín de Noticias del ForoLACFR - 2014 N° 01 - Dépêche 228

RIPESS Europe - The news from solidarity economy in Europe - February 2014

FairFin - E-zine: Alles over complementaire munten...

Charity Bank: Figures suggest that the charitable sector is gaining confidence

Bank experiences record loan enquiries in January 2014

- Enquires up for five consecutive months -

- Charity Bank is actively seeking to lend when some traditional banks are still reluctant - - Dépêche 227

7th International Summer School on Social Banking

RIPESS Global Consultation on the SSE Recommendations for the Post-2015 Agenda

Charity Bank: A bank that does not pay executive bonuses

Charity Bank is a bank that does not pay bonuses to its executives or other staff. It exists to lend money to small and medium-sized social purpose organisations, such as charities, community associations, voluntary organisations and social enterprises, to help them increase their positive social impact.

Charity Bank funds the loans it makes through share capital from social investors and deposits, in the form of savings accounts and ISAs, from ordinary savers - socially-conscious individuals who wish to see their money do good in society.